7 Expert-Approved Ways To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Gone are those days when carpets on wood floors were just a drab requirement. Carpets today are an interesting way to add both elegance and comfort to your home. While carpeting your floor is indeed an investment, here’s some good news. The average lifespan of a housing carpet is 6-8 years, but by taking appropriate measures, you can seamlessly extend the life of your carpet to up to 20 years. Are you intrigued to know how?

Here are 7 Experts Approved Ways to Boost The Longevity of your Carpets:

  1. Understand What Kind of Carpet You are Selecting

    The first step towards a long-lasting Carpet starts a long time before it covers your floors. Choose a carpet that suits your needs. For example, a carpet made of wool-nylon hybrid combines the durability of nylon with the upsides of wool-such as simpler clean-up and hypoallergenic qualities. A Berber or a frieze-style carpet could last up to 15 years longer than other weaves!
  2. Walk It Off With Mats and Rugs

    You can avoid uneven wearing of your carpet by using mats and rugs in high-traffic areas, such as near the bed or sofas, and walking paths. Most mattresses and rugs are wear-resistant and can be easily replaced. An additional benefit? Your plush carpet has fewer stains on it!
  3. The Non-Shoe Policy

    Time to go down the Buddhist road Your shoes can bring 70% of all pollutants, dirt, and bugs into home from the very first step. The best way to keep pollutants as well as carpet ruins out of the house is to keep shoes out!
  4. Keep Your Carpet Tidy

    Anything clean certainly lasts longer. Keep the carpets clean by routinely vaccinating them. Spot cleaning is just as important as permissible, as long stains can oxidize into permanent stains. Keep in mind that your carpet is a sensitive fabric, so gentle handling is equally necessary.
  5. Trimming Snags

    In the event of any snagging, before they get pulled further, clip the snags and strays! 
  6. Stretch The Carpet

    Carpet bumps aren’t just irritating, they’re also damaging for the carpet. Your furniture can cause dents on the carpet cleaning in Kensington, but by applying some heat and rolling the area with your fingertips, you can easily take care of it. Due to uneven installation, carpets can also develop bumps, creases, and bubbles, so make sure your installation experts stretch the carpet tight.
  7. Get It Expert Washed Twice A Year at Least

    No matter how strict you are with cleaning, carpets can accumulate about 20 pounds of dirt a year. Professional cleaning works to eliminate deeper stains and dirt, thus extending the life of your carpet!
Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

Contrary to popular belief, carpets shouldn’t have to be a costly investment. With proper investment & maintenance, your carpet will go up to 20 years looking as good as the day you got it installed!